Attendance Report

One of the most simple use of this project is for Attendance, a simple attendance system can be made where every employee would have a Beacon and continuous scanning would provide data when the employee went out of office area and when came into office area.

  • iBeacon Certified - All features of iBeacon supported.
  • ProximityUUID/major/minor/advertising interval configuable
  • Maintenance Cost and Maximum battery life
    • Using Dialog DA14580 chips, in same Tx power and Advertising interval configuration, double or triple battery lifetime of Nordic nrf51822 chips. Six battery lifetime of TI CC254x chips.
    • Fine tuned antenna, optimized transmit strength, covering same range using lower Tx power.
  • Battery life is over 3 year on default setting.
  • CR3032 coin cell battery (500mAh)